Cadenza Vocal Studio FAQ

How old should a student be to begin private lessons?


Usually I offer private lessons for students at least 12 years old through adult. In some special cases, I have taught students as young as age 7.  (Remember, you are never too old to start voice lessons.)


How often do you have to practice?


A general rule of thumb is that a student should practice for at least the length of their lesson, 6 days a week.


How long will my lesson be?


Both the instructor and the student, taking into consideration ability level, vocal goals, and availability, decide upon the length of the lesson at the free introductory lesson.  Lesson time may be adapted later based on student progress and/or needs.


What do you do at a private lesson?
During the first half of the lesson, vocal technique is learned through vocal exercises and warm-ups.  The second half of the lesson is spent applying that technique to a song that we choose together.