Please select the button below which corresponds to what you want to pay.

Recurring Monthly Subscription:

Select this payment option if you wish to setup a recurring payment to Cadenza Vocal Studio.  It will process monthly and you will get a $5 discount for selecting this auto-payment option and the processing fee is waived.  If you need to cancel, pause or unsubscribe from the monthly recurring payment please visit the recurring payment unsubscribe page.

One-time Payment:

Select this payment option if you want to just process your payment monthly.  There will not be an auto-payment discount and a 3% processing fee has been included.  Use this option if you are paying for one month, 30 minute lessons.

Performance Coaching Packages:

Performance Coaching Packages are sold in groups of 3 lessons each.  Please select the number of lessons you are going to pay for to process the one-time payment.  There is no processing fee associated with coaching packages.