Studio Classes

Studio Classes are an opportunity for students to learn from each other as they receive individual instruction in a group setting.

Description:  Students will attend a weekly one-hour lesson where vocal technique will be developed through group warm-ups and solo performance.  Students will be given a song and practice CD (included in the price) that they will learn during the 8 week session.  Students will take turns singing their song for the group and will receive instruction/comments from both the teacher and the other students. The instructor and students will evaluate progress using video recordings.  In addition, the instructor will discuss different topics related to singing and/or performance using resource materials provided in the studio class packet (also included in the price).

6 week sessions:

Contact Cadenza for available openings if interested.

$82 per Student
*If a student cannot attend all 8 weekly classes, they should make a note on their registration form and tuition will be assessed accordingly.  Credits for unattended classes will not be made after the session has begun.